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The Value of Experience

Voiceover today is nothing less than a necessity.  Voiceover is treated as a commodity and in many ways it’s a sign of the times and economy.  But ask yourself a few key questions:

Have I ever used a website to hire VO only to find they are part time and doing this as a side gig to earn a buck?

Do I prefer to have a professional who is capable of working within my team structure to streamline the process so I can be working on more projects?

Is time sensitivity and accuracy of work important to me so my clients trust me and provide me with more quality work?

If you answered “yes” to any of these things then welcome to my world.  Providing professional Voice Over to my clients IS what I am most proud of.  Clients who hire me again and again because they get fast turn around times, excellent quality files and work that represents what their clients and customers respond to.  Voice Over is what I do.  Commercials, E-Learning, ADR and more are my craft that I continually work on to provide relevant results in all areas of VO.  I hope you’ll contact me to discuss ways we can work to make your project exceptional and we can work together for the first time and ongoing.

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